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Our NZ Made and Australian Made Boots, Slippers and Scuffs!

Hikers Wool Midi Pack $9.13 (exc GST)

Hikers Wool Midi Pack

Hikers Wool Maxi Pack $17.00 (exc GST)

Hikers Wool Maxi Pack

Emu Innersole $34.78 (exc GST)

Emu Innersole

Possum Innersole $34.78 (exc GST)

Possum Innersole

Toasties $41.74 (exc GST)


Platinum Baby Bootie $51.30 $41.04 (exc GST)

Platinum Baby Bootie

Conway Scuff $60.00 (exc GST)

Conway Scuff

Conway Scuff Soft Sole $60.00 (exc GST)

Conway Scuff Soft Sole

Juliet Soft Sole Scuff $62.61 (exc GST)

Juliet Soft Sole Scuff

Juliet Scuff $62.61 (exc GST)

Juliet Scuff

Pandora Scuff $65.22 (exc GST)

Pandora Scuff

Millie Slippers $77.39 (exc GST)

Millie Slippers

Chris Clogg $79.13 (exc GST)

Chris Clogg